Church Without Balls is calling the Church to man-up.

Recent years have seen the largest religious exodus since Exodus. Men are abandoning the Church as it continues to abandon action-oriented expressions of faith in favor of a relational faith. An estimated 100 million men in the U.S. alone claim to be Christian but do not attend church.(1) That’s 1/3 of the population!

The adult church attendance today averages 61% women to 39% men. (2) That’s a 22% gap. Compare this to sixty years ago when the ratio of men to women mirrored the national population(3) (roughly 49.5% men - 50.5% women).(4) If this trend goes unchecked the Christian faith will die; a Church Without Balls cannot reproduce.

1. Derived from the combined findings of the 2010 U.S. Census; The Barna Group - State of the Church Series, 2011 Part 3: Gender Differences - reporting number of Christian men; and then cross-referenced with average numbers of men found in church on any given Sunday.
2. “U.S. Congregational Life Survey – Key Findings,” 29 October 2003,
3. Lyle Schaller It’s a Different World: The Challenge for Today’s Pastor (Nashville: Abingdon, 1987), 61-62
4. 1950 U.S. Census population by sex.